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Dear ITF users: Hello! In order to provide you with a better experience and service, China ITF website will comprehensively upgrade and revise the portal site in the near future (the URL remains unchanged: http://schbao.cn). In the early stage of the upgrade, the Chinese ITF network system and official website may appear inaccessible and report errors; please everyone ...
2019 "ITF Outstanding Contributor
The 2019 ITF Outstanding Contributors Awards were selected to promote devotion and dedication, stimulate team vitality, enhance the sense of responsibility based on their own positions, center around the service, and serve the overall situation, and give full play to the role of ITF's regional institutions and characters in promoting service development. China ITF Taekwondo Network launches 2019 ITF Outstanding Tribute ...

Wonderful moment

  • [Examination information] January 13, 2020 Shangwu International Taekwondo

    On January 13, 2020, the list of Shangwu International Taekwondo Elementary Leukemia Promotion Exam passed.

  • Hubei Xianning Wudao International Taekwondo Hall

    Hubei Xianning Wudao International Taekwondo Gymnasium 11th Promotion Examination Pass List Yellow Belt Lu Shihong Zhou Yunhan Deng Ruixue Wang Yuhao Fan Hongtao Zhu Hongyu Yin Qilin